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Jyotish Detail



Jyotish means light on the path - an invaluable gift from the Creator, Lord Brahma, that not only reveals to us the karma we carry, but also provides a means to rise above this web of karma to the realms of blissful life in Brahman Consciousness. Those who are seeking to improve their happiness and fulfillment in life are invited to enjoy the self-knowledge, keen insights, and techniques for rising above karma provided by S'ri Vyuha Jyotish.

S'ri Vyuha Jyotish is unlike Jyotish as commonly used today in two important ways:

  1. The focus is on rising above one's karma to enjoy the full bliss of Brahman Consciousness, not just predictions of the future
  2. The S'ri Vyuha Jyotish Chakra is quite unique and gives a picture of the individual's karma in a way that traditional the Jyotish Kundli cannot.

The foundation of Jyotish is the calculation of the location of the planets at the date, time and location of birth. This provides a visual map of the karma of the individual.  How can this be? The universe was designed this way by the Creator! The reason we incarnate in human form is to achieve the state of Moksha - liberation or enlightenment. This is the ultimate goal of human life. Most people waste their lives and do not achieve Moksha and so they come back again and again until they "get it right!' This is a very big topic; the topic of Moksha. If you are interested, we discuss it in depth on this page: https://www.golokamatch.com/community/moksha.

The Creator provided Jyotish as a way for an individual who is interested in improving the quality of their life and ultimately to attain Moksha, to see what karma he or she has to deal with in this lifetime and map out a plan to avoid the "bumps in the road." The Creator wants everyone to live a blissful life and attain Moksha.

Karma, a Sanskrit word, simply translated into English means "action."  We use a broader definition that says karma is any action that is not in accord with all the laws of nature. That means any action that is disruptive to the Divine Plan for the Universe. Almost every act of ego volition results in this sort of karma. We call this "unbalanced karma" because it has potential energy and seeks to come to a balance. So in this way, we can think of karma as a potential for reaction or a seed for action, waiting for the opportune moment to express itself and thereby become balanced. Unbalanced karma accumulates from life to life with only a small part getting balanced in a particular life and usually more new unbalanced karma is generated in every life until, as Maharishi once remarked, there are "mountain ranges" of unbalanced karma associated with most individuals. This universe has existed for 150 trillion years and most of us have incarnated millions of times, so you can imagine the backlog of karma that has accumulated! Thanks to the wonderful design of our universe by the Creator, at the moment of birth the arrangement of the planets and constellations produce a snapshot of the karma that is scheduled for balancing in the current life. This snapshot of unbalanced karma may be viewed in a Jyotish chart.

There are several forms of Jyotish Charts. The two on the left in the image below respesent the charts used in Northern and Southern India for Jyotish analysis. The one on the right is the Sri Chakra Yantra format which is actually the Yantra of the individual and can be used to not only create a standard Jyotish analysis but also to connect the physical individual directly to the subtle, Celestial body of the individual. We use the Sri Chakra Yantra format in "yajñas", another very important concept explained in detail here:  https://www.GolokaMatch.com/community/yajnas.

Comparison of Jyotish Charts


Sri Vyuha Jyotish Chakra


Your S'ri Vyuha Jyotish Chakra is constructed to show your personal web of karma in a graphic form that is literally a symbolic representation of the eons of experience you have had. Let's learn a little something about the symbols on the Chakra, beginning with the dark blue sphere that contains all the symbols. Please look at the large Jyotish Chakra below. This sphere is a symbol that represents the universe of Lord Brahma, our Creator. It is from within this universe that you have been experiencing existence for innumerable life-times.

Within the sphere of the universe is the energy pattern of your S'rî Chakra - the fundamental archetype of pure knowledge for our universe. Your S'rî Chakra is the resonanting energy frequency of the Mind of the Creator and your direct link to this Supreme Intelligence. For a detailed explanation of the S'rî Chakra, please view this page: https://www.GolokaMatch.com/community/SriChakra (yes, this is all very technical but these are important concepts!)

Embedded in your S'rî Chakra are all of the karmas that you have generated during your eons of existence. The symbols to represent this configuration of karma are:


    Rashis - larger colored spheres with symbols at their center. There are 12 Rashis and each one represents an aggregation of karma. If you place your mouse over the symbol in the center of each Rashi and click (or if you are using a tablet or smart phone, just press the symbol), a window will popup with some of the categories of karma that are applicable to that Rashi, and the Graha that is the lord of the Rashi.
  • Bhavas - the placement of the Rashis represent their Bhava position. The large Rashi in the upper center is the Lagna (ascendant) and is a primary indicator of the karma of this life. The second Bhava is located above and to the left, the third is to the left of the second and so on around the Chakra in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Grahas - small colored spheres with symbols at their center. There are nine Grahas that are responsible for delivering the karma associated with the Rashis. Each Rashi is presided over by a Graha. When you click on a Graha, a window will popup with some information about the realm of responsibility for the Graha.

Your S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Chakra is created based on your birth date, birth time and birth location. This gives us a connection to the individual thread of existence that has manifested your physical life. The Chakra captures the holistic value of your karma.

An example of the content of the window that appears when you click on the golden sphere with the Simha or Leo symbol (in this chart Simha is the Lagna or ascendent for the person) appears below:

Lagna - Simha (Leo)




Symbol: lion

Guna: Agni Raja

SimhaMENTAL: ambitious as well as avaricious, warm-hearted, and have a liking for art, literature and music. They are cheerful and unimpulsive.

Physical: Magnetic in appearance with broad shoulders, pitta constitution, of average height, oval faced, thoughtful countenance and the upper part of the body is generally better formed.

General: They can adapt themselves to any condition in life. They have faith. In affection they are sincere. They stick to orthodox principles in religion but are perfectly tolerant. Generally good tempered, they are sensitive. Lovers of music, literature and possess a certain amount of philosophical knowledge. They are voracious readers. In life they do not succeed as much as they would like to and often throughout they struggle very much. Their ambitions remain unfulfilled to a great extent. They lack a natural policy and thus get into many difficulties. Are forgiving and do not hold a grudge for long. They are likely to suffer from nervous troubles and are generally misunderstood by superiors.

Ideas: It represents expressiveness with a forceful and dominating spirit or spirit to rule over others. Tendency towards show, grandeur, power, etc. Proud, arrogant, boastful, boisterous, furious, confident, forceful, sudden enterprise, adventure, fellowship, celebrity, dignity, grandeur, supremacy, nobility, chief, high mind. To bear up against, resist, endure, tolerate, patience. Blazing, flaming, brilliant, to be excited, to agitate or be agitated. To celebrate, display, crown, throne, laurel.



This gives you some general informaton about the karma that is represented by the chart. For detailed information that eventually weaves the fabric of your personal karma, we consult the ancient Vedic text of Parashara. Parashara is the founder of Jyotish and provides very detailed information about the many possible combinations that can arise in a chart. By way of example, here is the detailed information about the karma of the example chart:

Surya is Raja of the Lagna and positioned in the 10th Bhava and this indicates karma for repected or famous, good career, good reputation and status, healthy, powerful, long life, successful dharma and wealthy.

Kuja is in the 1st Bhava and this indicates karma for being aggressive, independent, an angry temperament, recklessness, prone to accidents, confidence and assertivenes. This karma also causes a lack of self-love and unhappiness. The body is strong but may have to endure chronic illness or injuries. The person is brave, courageous and adventurous, sexual, liberal, independent and hot-tempered. This is ability in all kinds of technical work such as engineering, mechanics, accounting, law. The person enjoys competition, excels in sports and easily defeats enemies and competitors. The person will be a leader or commander. The karma of Kujadosha is present and this spoils domestic happiness and harmony unless he marries another with the same affliction.

Budha is Raja of the 2nd Bhava and placed in the 11th Bhava which indicates karma for wealth and easy gains, actually the best position for wealth. He will earn through a variety of means including banking and handling finances.

Guru is in the 2nd Bhava which brings karma that he will become wealthy easily, he is wise, knowledgeable, and has a find education. He is an eloquent speaker and people enjoy listening to him. He eats fine and exotic foods. He is truthful, charitable, and virtuous with a beautiful face and dresses nicely. Family life is a source of happiness. He has a fine imagination and may be a poet. He is passionate about education and will have that as a career. He will be a renowned scientist, mathematician or writer and the finest of astrologers.

Shukra is the Raja of the 3rd Bhava and is located in the 12th Bhava, so this indicates karma for few adventures, lack of courage, fearfulness, bad voice, hearing problems in the right ear, desires go unfulfilled, talent in the fine arts is blocked, travel to far-off lands.

Kuja is the Raja of the 4th Bhava, located in the 1st Bhava which indicates plentiful fixed assets, owns homes, good educational degree, enjoys many comforts, happiness, well respected and healthy.

Chandra is in the 4th Bhava and this indicates karma of heart disease, there will be loss of fixed assets at various times, there is unhappiness and discontent, interruptions in education.

Ketu is in the 4th Bhava and indicates karma that he has a discriminating nature and is bent on discovering the truths of life. There will be problems obtaining land and homes, breaks in education. There is a strong interest in Moksha and a spiritual life.

Guru is the Raja of the 5th Bhava and indicates karma for great intelligence, learned, knowledgeable, career in education, good speaker, may be an astrologer or mathematician, happy family life, wealthy, good imagination, earns money through teaching spiritual techniques.

Shani is the Raja of the 6th Bhava, located in the 12th Bhava which indicates poor health, losses through subordinates, poor vision in left eye.

Shani is the Raja of the 7th Bhava, located in the 12th Bhava and this brings karma for divorce, unhappy or unsuccessful partnerships.

Guru is the Raja of the 8th Bhava, located in the 2nd Bhava which brings karma that blocks wealth, unhappy family life, poor speaker, education is broken, imagination is limited, problems in the throat, long and active life.

Kuja is the Raja of the 9th Bhava, located in the 1st Bhava which is one of the best indications of karma of luck, a religious nature, a person of great merit and faith. This is a common placement of well known saints and religious leaders. There is a strong life purpose. Health is good, he is respected or famous, handsome, kingly, self-made man, performs good deeds, born with wisdom, will head a spiritual organization.

Shukra is the Raja of the 10th Bhava, located in the 12th Bhava and indicates karma for career changes, lack of honor or fame, will work in a far-off country, difficulty finding his dharma, unhappiness in life and a life of hardship. There is interest in Moksha.

Surya is in the 10th Bhava and this indicates karma for career achievement and success in all undertakings. He is career minded and easily rises to an authority position in his chosen profession. He is popular and bold and wields great power. Wealth is favored, he is confident, strong and ambitious. He will perform many good deeds for the benefit of society and will gain a fine reputation. He will go on holy pilgrimages.

Rahu is in the 10th Bhava which indicates karma for a powerful and renowned career. He is adept at influencing the masses with insatiable career ambitions and his works greatly benefit society. He will easily reach a position of authority. He will lead a spiritual life.

Budha is the Raja of the 11th Bhava and located in this Bhava, so there will be easy gains of wealth, desires and ambitions will be fulfilled, many financial opportunities, happiness, many comforts, many friends, benefits from friends. This indicates he is a scientist, engineer or mathematitian. He is brilliant, wise and knowledgeable. His desires, goals and ambitions will be realized. He ambitions are related to learning and educational activities and institutions. There will be abundant opportunities.

Chandra is the Raja of the 12th Bhava, located in the 4th Bhava, indicating karma for a strong spiritual nature and desire for liberation. Little happiness, career changes.

Shukra is in the 12th Bhava indicates karma for being thrifty and able to hold onto his wealth, he is generous and intent on helping others. There will be success attaining Moksha. Weath is assured.

Shani is in the 12th Bhava, indicating karma for many expenses and cannot hold on to any wealth that is earned, many career changes.

Life is a combination of positive and negative karma. We label karma as "positive" if it seems to make us happy and "negative" if it makes us unhappy.

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