Your life experience is completely determined by your karma! If you are happy, healthy and prosperous or sad, have nagging health issues, and always there is a lack of money in your life - these life experiences are ALL determined by your karma. You can do something about it! May we send you a comprehensive report on your karma? (you will receive an example of this report and how to get one FREE and personalized just for your karma)
Your life experience is completely determined by your karma! If you are happy, healthy and prosperous or sad, have nagging health issues, and always there is a lack of money in your life - these life experiences are ALL determined by your karma. You can do something about it! May we send you a comprehensive report on your karma? (you will receive an example of this report and how to get one FREE and personalized just for your karma)

Allow your happiness and abundance to flow!

Wonderful Life Higher Consciousness Vitara

The world's first personal device that empowers you to enjoy better health, happiness and abundance.


HCV Basic Genie 320The Higher Consciousness Vitara is a device that creates a profound effect in your mind to empower you to make positive changes in your life.

With the help of this device, you can create better health, more abundance and prosperity, and experience greater happiness. No meditation, no exercise, no study, no memorizing - you do nothing but allow.

All these benefits come to you effortlessly, with no time taken from your life, as you quickly and spontaneously change from within. Make a wish!

Let's look at the science behind the Wonderful Life Higher Consciousness Vitara

It is very easy to use the Vitara to change your subconscious mind and thereby change your life!

To use the Higher Consciousness Vitara, just turn it on and place it next to you, within about 3 feet. You will hear nothing, but your subconscious and unconscious mind will begin to change.  How you perceive the world and what you are is controlled by your subconscious and unconscious mind.

Jung Quote

Positive changes begin immediately, you can feel the changes happening in your life from the influence of the Wonderful Life Higher Consciousness Vitara. Everyone within conversation distance will receive the positive influences in their subconscious and unconscious minds and will feel the immediate positive changes taking place in their lives.



Visvamitra 2015 roundI remember when I was 33 years old and I came to realize how disappointing my life was. Even though I had a successful career, I was still unhappy, my health was deteriorating (at age 33!), I was lonely, and something was definitely missing - I was just not in control of my life and life seemed meaningless. I heard that meditation could help to add meaning to life, so I learned to meditate. I enjoyed the practice very much and have been an avid meditator for 40 years - I even became a teacher of meditation. I found my peace within, my health improved, I was much happier and the learning experience has been very rewarding.

I would like to help others get their life heading in a positive, happy direction, but most people just do not have the time to meditate for long hours or are not interested. There must be a universal way to help people, I thought. Is there a way that anyone reach inner peace quickly? Is there something to help people feel empowered and be in control of their lives and does not take any time out of their day? I wanted to create a fast acting and very convenient way for people who want progress, peace and harmony in life and make it accessible to everyone.

We are all concerned about the state of our world, constant conflicts and disharmony abounds. Peaceful humans create a peaceful world. I believe when we are happy we make better life choices and everyone around us will benefit as well. This is how we change the world, by empowering people to become more progressive, happier, healthier, and more prosperous.

Finally, after 40 years of research, a Masters Degree in Psychology, 14 years of full-time meditation (that is 12 hours a day!), I put together a magical combination of ancient and modern technologies and the Wonderful Life Higher Consciousness Vitara was born. This is a modern-day Aladdin's Lamp that literally will grant your wishes! Now everyone can create a wonderful life for themselves and in turn create a more peaceful world.


  • Higher Consciousness Vitara
  • Enjoy Perfect Health
  • Abundance and Prosperity
  • Experience Fullness of Life
  • Attain Your Perfection
  • Enjoy a Blissful Life
  • Freedom and Liberation
  • Enlightenment of the Master
  • ................................. Hold the Power for Dramatic Life Change .................................................................................. In the Palm of Your Hand ..................................................
Higher Consciousness Vitara1 Enjoy Perfect Health2 Abundance and Prosperity3 Experience Fullness of Life4 Attain Your Perfection5 Enjoy a Blissful Life6 Freedom and Liberation7 Enlightenment of the Master8 ................................. Hold the Power for Dramatic Life Change ....................................9

I know this seems unbelievable, but please read on and I will explain in detail how this device works. You can custom program the device to begin immediately to resolve any problem you may be experiencing in life and create new possibilities in your life for greater peace, happiness, progress, prosperity, health and freedom.

Create Your Own Miracles

Everyone has different needs and experience caused by their collection of karmic traces. The Wonderful Life Higher Consciousness Vitara begins with better health and greater abundance as the base, then can be customized to target your specific requirements.  Anything is possible, from more creativity, success in your career, weight loss, greater life success, better relationships, development of consciousness, personal development, enhanced manifesting ability, sports performance, addiction relief, and the list goes on and on. You can have up to 10 different silent subliminal message sets on practically any topic of life experience improvement. Here is a list of over 250 possible silent subliminal messages.


Take a Closer Look

There are two main components to this device that you will want to understand.


This is a patent pending technology derived from the most ancient written description of life and how the universe, and all the people, were created: the Vedic Literature. These texts date back over 5,000 years ago and are a complete manual of how a perfect human life is created.

Vedic Literature

Basically, this technology is a method for transmitting information into the non-physical realm of existence (the Scalar Field of Tesla). This realm being more subtle than the physical, is the source of the physical. If one can induce changes into this subtle realm, those changes will eventually appear in the physical world. From our research in the field of Vedic Science, we know the specific information that must be transmitted to produce the desired result, e.g., change in a human life.

Vedic Vitara Technology Antenna

Fundamental to the operation of the Higher Consciousness Vitara for the Vedic Vitara Technology side of the device is the Vedic Vitara Technology Antenna (pictured above). This antenna transmits the life changing information into the subtle realms, where your unconscious mind exists.

The full details of this technology is well beyond the scope of this presentation. If you are interested in a complete presentation on Vedic Vitara Technology, please visit


The inventor of Silent Subliminal Technology is aerospace engineer O.M. Lowery.  He filed for a patent in 1992 and the government immediately classified the invention for military use. The patent expired in 2005 and the technology has since been declassified, so the public is free to use this technology.

Silent Subliminal Patent

Although inaudible to the conscious mind, the Silent Subliminal Messages of the Higher Consciousness Vitara are powerfully perceived by the listener's subconscious mind.

One way to understand how subliminal messages work is to think of your mind as an iceberg. Your conscious mind is the bit of the iceberg you can see, say 10% of the total mass, while the rest is made up of your subconscious mind and unconscious mind (we call these together the higher conscious mind). That gives you a good idea about just how powerful your higher consciousness mind really is. It also explains why so many self-development enthusiasts look for ways to access its power.

Iceberg metaphore for conscious and subconscious mind

The higher consciousness mind is composed of the web of karmic traces that you brought into this life, and picks up other information you are not always aware of (beliefs, values, attitudes) and stores it in your mind. The karmic traces and the information it picks up in childhood becomes the "truth" of who you are. Knowing this, we have the potential to change the way you think and, by extension, the way you behave and how you view life.

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic of the effectiveness of silent subliminal messages, you can never really come to a valid conclusion unless you listen to these subliminal messages produced by the Higher Consciousness Vitara.

For complete details and references to research studies on the science of subliminal messages and Silent Subliminal Technology, please visit

The Significance of Vedic Vitara Technology

Let's look more closely at the structure of the human mind so we can better understand the significance of Vedic Vitara Technology.

The Human Mind / conscious / subconscious / unconscious

The old masked, low volume subliminal method and new Silent Subliminal Technology reaches into the subconscious mind only. But Vedic Vitara Technology reaches into the unconscious mind. So, now you have a complete, permanent way to reprogram your life.

Some years ago, Positive Thinking was all the rage but before long it was discovered that while there was some change in attitude for a while, soon the effect faded unless one kept constantly reminding the conscious mind of the positive affirmations. So, Positive Thinking was temporary because the subconscious mind was not changed.

Then, with subliminals, the subconscious mind is changed and this filtered into the conscious mind and the change was more lasting. But still not permanent unless one periodically reprogrammed the subconscious mind with the subliminals, because the subconscious mind looks to the unconscious mind for its "truth" reference.

The problem is the unconscious mind is beyond the physical and cannot be reprogrammed using the physical means of subliminals (either the classic low volume version or the new Silent Subliminal mode). The only way to reach the non-physical unconscious mind is with Vedic Vitara Technology.


Today we have already produced many of the limited edition pyramid design Wonderful Life Higher Consciousness Vitaras shipped them to scores of individuals. Those who have experienced the effects are convinced - this device really works!

Higher Consciousness Vitara

The pyramid model, pictured above, is a limited edition. Only 300 will be made as perks for our supporters. Now we need to go through the manufacturing process to mass produce the device in a convenient to carry form factor, as illustrated below.

Second Generation HCV Prototype

The Production Model will be about the size of a thick iPhone SE and will have all of the functionality of the Limited Edition Pyramid Model, plus it will be configurable by the user. This new form factor will be more convenient to carry with you and less noticeable by others when displayed in public. This unit can be configured by you with any of the 250 Silent Subliminals and that configuration can be changed at will as you decide to use different Silent Subliminals.

You can receive the limited edition pyramid model now with Wonderful Life programming and/or in March of 2019 you can receive the iPhone size model. Here are the ordering options:


felt immediately stronger and better!

Every year or two I get a really bad chest cold that knocks me out for about 2 weeks and lingers on for another 2 weeks. It just happened again so I immediately ordered a Higher Consciousness Vitara for recovery from illness. It came today after I have been suffering for 5 days: coughing, chest and sinus congestion, fever, no energy - I feel very weak and just stay in bed. I turned on the Vitara and within 2 minutes I felt strong and full of energy! I got out of bed, took a shower then did some work around the house while the Vitara played. This is incredible! I feel so much better and it has only been an hour! I am looking forward to the night's sleep with the Vitara all night. Probably I will wake up in the morning feeling great - I will let you know. This is exciting!

3 days later and I am well!

Normally it takes me 2-3 weeks to recover, but this time with the help of the Higher Consciousness Vitara I am well after only 3 days!

felt the effect immediately!

When I first turned on my new Higher Consciousness Vitara, I could feel the effect in my heart chakra - there was a fluttering sensation just like what I feel when I am connecting to my Higher Consciousness.

interesting experience with Lucid Dreaming module!

2 nights with the Lucid Dreaming module and the experience is very interesting - I am more wakeful while dreaming than ever before and I feel very rested and fresh in the morning.

softer personality and better vision!

feel the shift to Higher Consciousness!

I received my Higher Consciousness Vitara yesterday and turned it on and within a few minutes I felt a clear shift in my awareness to Higher Consciousness to a level that I have not experienced before! It was like I was in a deep meditation with my eyes open! It was a very pleasant experience, Krishna'a Flute was very pronounced during this time and even now, the next day, I feel a deeper connection with Higher Consciousness than ever before.

tangible increase in abundance

I have been using my new Wonderful Life Higher Consciousness Vitara for 1 week and the results are pretty amazing! Within a few hours I noticed a shift in my thinking and feeling about money and finances. I am an entrepreneur and just started my seventh new company about 6 months ago. Of course I love business and starting new companies but always there is the stress of finances and the worry if I will be successful this time (my track record has been 50% success). This new company is (was) bumping along without much success and frankly I was worried about money - laying awake a night worrying how I will be able to make payroll and pay the rent, etc. It is like a dark, heavy cloud of doubt and worry that I was carrying around day and night - it takes the joy out of life. Wow, in a few hours after receiving my new Vitara this dark cloud vanished! I kept thinking "ok this is weird, I am not the least bit worried about money but I have the same bank balance and same debt load as yesterday." Then the next day new sales started coming in and again the next day and the next. At this rate there is no problem at all meeting expenses and a healthy profit for the month as well. The only thing I changed was my own mind and attitude about money thanks to this Vitara! I love this guy!

improvement in the way I feel

I have been weak for the past several months. I was worried about this and nothing I was doing was helping, I was gradually getting worse week after week. I had the cardiovascular subliminal set installed in my Wonderful Life Vitara and started using it about a week ago. In one day I improved noticeably and now after only a week, I feel so much stronger and vital than just a week ago.

feeling my energy body

I have been having good results with the Higher Consciousness Vitara, I am feeling more centered and energetically I am starting to feel the difference between my physical and energy body!

great night's sleep

I received the vitara yesterday and put it on before I went to sleep and slept a full 7 hours (I normally only sleep 3-4 hours and do not sleep well) and I feel great!

enjoy great peace

I enjoy a very gentle feeling in my self and great peace from my Wonderful Life Higher Consciousness Vitara

feelings of unconditional love

I love the higher consciousness vitara! I feel a definite change in having it around and don't like going without it. I noticed the two days I had to go without for 5+ hours (because I work around really loud machinery and didn't want it to get filled with silver dust) things were way different in a negative way, although the trains of thought I had started to slip into did get resolved rather than me holding onto them like I would have done in the past. When the HC Vitara is near I get random feelings of unconditional love, which I enjoy thoroughly and was surprised at how quickly I felt those feelings after only having the thing on for two hours. I feel more inclined to want to eat better and take better care of myself by walking and run into people and things online that help me become more aware of things that might help my body.

love my Higher Consciousness Vitara!

I just love my Higher Consciousness Vitara and I take it every where I can with me as much as possible. The biggest thing I notice is my clarity and how I am able to see everything in a higher and better perspective in all matters of my life. Everything flows even when I come across challenges for a moment. Some how I able to flow through them easier and good things follow from this awareness. I feel good and always optimistic. Let the goodness keep coming!!


Q. How long does it take for this device to empower me to make significant changes in my life?

A. Most people notice positive changes in the first day of use. Change may be gradual or dramatic, and it really depends on you and what changes you are looking for. Emotional changes can happen more quickly than physical changes.  Physical changes, such as reversing the course of a recent ailment can happen very quickly, but reversing the course of a long-term chronic ailment will take much longer. Having greater abundance will come first with the relief of worry about money then followed by more money actually coming into your life. 

Q. Does this work for everyone, even if they don't believe it will work?

A. If you are accepting of change, and want to change and believe you can change and know that changes are happening in your subconscious mind from the first minute you turn on the Higher Consciousness Vitara, then you will experience more change and quicker change. If you are skeptical that this device can actually change your subconscious mind, that skepticism will actually block the change.

Q. My partner has several problems but is not interested changing and definitely will not buy a Higher Consciousness Vitara! Should I get a Higher Consciousness Vitara for him and just put it in the home and not tell him about it?

A. For best results, it is important that the person using the Higher Consciousness Vitara know it is on, how it works and what subliminals are being played.  Some benefit will be gained by anonymous playing and definitely no negative results will be there, but expect maybe 10% of what could be the results if the person is a willing participant.


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