To understand this process of transitioning to a Pranic Energy Lifestyle, we need to understand that everyone has two energy engines, symbolized by the images below:

1) pranic energy engine

Pranic Energy

and 2) physical food engine (or commonly the digestive system).

Food Energy

We all are aware of the Food Engine – if we don’t eat food, we will literally starve to death! Yes, this is true if the Prana Engine is not fully active. In everyone there is a Prana Engine, but for most people it can only supply about 10% of the energy required to keep the body vital and healthy. The other 90% of the energy must be supplied by the Food Engine.

What is Prana? Our bodies and everything that is alive has a connection with the Prana Field. Prana is also known by the name of Chi or Life Force Energy or Orgone. When a live being loses connection with the Prana Field, the being dies. Prana is not a physical energy but it is vital and real nonetheless.

It is possible to reverse the percentages so that the Prana Engine provides 90% or more of energy needed and the Food Engine 10% or less. We call this the Pranic Energy Transition.

Once the Pranic Energy Transition occurs, the individual spontaneously adopts a lifestyle where all maintenance energy required by the body comes from the Prana field. When this transition takes place, the individual may occasionally eat physical food, one or two bites only, in a social setting with individuals who still have a dependence on food. In the early days of this transition there may be occasions where the body needs a certain food and the individual will take some food. Eventually, the caloric intake will be reduced by 90% and on most days, there will be no food required. Occasionally, once or twice a week, one may eat a light meal.

The pranic energy lifestyle is known by the name "breatharian" in popular media. This first arose to the general public in the 1980's but has been known and practiced by those at higher Levels of Consciousness for thousands of years. This lifestyle is viewed as "impossible" by modern science and skeptics abound. There are some who pretend to live this lifestyle and that has also been championed by the skeptics. Most people initially react with skepticism to the Pranic Energy Lifestyle and dismiss it as "impossible". If you have some curiosity about this lifestyle, it may be good to do some research and see if you can come to believe it is possible.

With the Pranic Energy Lifestyle Transition Virtual Vitara and accompanying pranayama technique, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Freedom from all dependencies including food
  • Healthiest lifestyle imaginable
  • Maximize body potential while detoxing all that’s not needed anymore
  • Boosted and Expanded awareness
  • Increased level of Energy and Vitality
  • Blissful sleep and feeling of freshness after waking up

The transition to a Pranic Energy Lifestyle is a natural process orchestrated by the intelligence of your body when you consciously initiate the process. For most people the transition will take some time to complete and the process will continue in phases. After your first Workshop, you may find that:

  1. You may thrive on a diet of only raw fruits and some raw vegetables (Prana Engine is at 60-70%). Or
  2. you may feel satisfied with a diet of only raw fruits, nuts, and raw or cooked vegetables and sprouted grains (Prana Engine is at 40-60%). You may or may not desire dairy products. Or
  3. you may not need to eat meat, poultry and fish, and feel satisfied on a vegetarian or vegan diet (Prana Engine is at 25-40%). Or
  4. you may eliminate meat and poultry from your diet and feel satisfied on a diet of occasional fish and mostly vegetarian with dairy and eggs diet (Prana Engine is 20-25%).

 As you can see, these changes in diet are based on your Prana Engine increasing in percentage. To increase your Prana Engine percentage, you will be given a special Pranic Energy Lifestyle Virtual Vitara and Pranayama Technique that will work to gradually increase your Prana Engine. This technique takes 7 to 14 minutes a day to practice.

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